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  • What this is:

    If you don’t build the future, someone else will. And it will not be the future you want.

    We are used to things happening. History happens all the time, just switch on the telly and something world-changing is announced. You likely find yourself wondering how all of the seemingly mysterious and world-changing events come about. You are convinced that there is nothing you can do about it.

    Well, there is a simple truth. People take action. Some people make decisions on what happens in the world and whatever happens based on their decisions shapes the “here and now” as well as the “then and there”. Taking action consistently in one direction is a proven way to create results. This is how people shape the world.

    Those who don’t take action are left on the sidelines to watch as history unfolds in the direction of those who are stronger and more confident in their decision making. The bottom line is that the history humanity writes in the next couple of years will determine the survival or death of our species.

    The good thing is that we have all the tools to take action. The UN came up with the SDGs and numerous people around the globe are building projects, gaining political influence and taking action. A very easy and entirely risk-free way for you to take action today is to follow the example of Winston Churchill and the authors who are already participating in 50YH. It will take you one evening and you will be fascinated by the magic of the world that your mind will show you is possible.

    50YH is a safe space to publish those thoughts among like-minded individuals. Every reader is an author and every author is a reader. There are no bystanders, just partners, collaborators. Join us today!

  • It could not be easier:

    1) You book a slot by buying the book. The cost covers the printing, shipping and design of the book. 

    2) You write a version of the future you want to see in 50 years from today. You describe how you are contributing today towards making this future happen.  You provide details of if and how people can get in touch with you. Your contribution can be anything between half a page and a few pages. 

    3) We print a book with all contributions and share it exclusively among all participants You contribution covers the cost of printing, shipping and operations. 

    By the way:

    All authors will be invited to join the first 50YH unconference in May or June 2020. The goal of the unconference will be to consolidate our thoughts and ideas into one compelling vision for humanity that can be published to the world.

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