We imagine a good world in fifty years.
We share our vision with others.
We do that in a book and
We do that in an unconference.

The People

Who participate in 50YH are courageous people like yourself who dare to imagine what a good world could look like.

It is always easier to destroy and engage in dystopic visions that to construct a new world.

You can try this at home! Set up two teams and let them compete on the most cost-efficient, thorough and fastest way to destroy the planet. After fifteen minutes and lot of laughter and fun you will have some really interesting scenarios. Pick a winner - and then turn the game around. Let them build a good world in fifteen minutes, again fast, cost-efficient and thorough. Then watch what happens.

The Book

In 1932 Winston Churchill described the world he envisioned in 1982 and predicted things like vertical farming, gene editing and solar energy.

In 2019 we decided to try the same for the world in 2069 and now - in 2020 - for the world in 2070.

The result was printed in two very compelling books co-authored by a total of 45 people.

But before you get too excited - these books are only shared among the authors. We do this in order to honour the risk everyone is taking by leaning that far into the future.

The Unconference

In the summer of 2020 the people who wrote the 50YH books will join in the first 50YH unconference.

It will be a unique experience with some of the most amazing people you can find.

We will create a shared vision of the future that can be shared with the public to build into a reality.